Food History

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its incredible combination of fresh flavors with meats and vegetables. This cuisine is known to successfully marry flavorful sauces with enticing spices bringing ingredients to life. The most commonly used sauces include soy sauce and fish sauce, and herbs that include Vietnamese mint, lemon grass, basil and fresh cilantro. While beef, pork, chicken, fish and seafood are popular, Vietnamese cuisine also provide invigorating inclusion of vegetables and vegetarian dishes variety that attracts a lot of vegetarians and health conscious individuals. Vietnamese cuisine offers a variety of dishes originating from different regions of Vietnam. The north offers more traditional phở and bánh cuốn while the south offers dishes with sweeter flavors and influences from Chinese, French and other cuisines.

Phở is a popular dish in Vietnam, with 17 or more different variations coming from different regions of Vietnam. Phở is primarily made with noodles, well-done beef and beef broth, combined with vegetables and infused with variety of spices. With a cuisine that is always adapting to different cultures and tastes, Phở is also made with chicken or vegetable broth and chicken, seafood or tofu with an array of spices. Phở is considered an all-time dish, which can be savored at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or “just feel like it” moments.

Vietnamese cuisine has gained popularity in United States, Canada, Australia, European countries and other Asian countries. In the USA, California, Texas and Massachusetts is home to a number of Vietnamese restaurants, with 30 Phở restaurants in Boston, MA alone. At Phở Horn’s, we would like to bring authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the Ocean State, and take you on a delicious journey of Vietnam.